About Us

About Us

GTUC is a union of several social, political, security, and legal bodies, along with expert figures.


Libya is united, stable, and secure country which actively participate in the advancement of humanity in civilized methods.


Unite national active efforts to build the Libyan government


Justice, Freedom, Shura, Equivalence, and Participation

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GTUC Goals

The council works in the light of several goals to rebuild Libya

Crisis Management

Participate in emergencies management within the city and support the official institutions and units to do so.

Advise Government

Provide suggestions and studies to the official specialized institutions to develop the city and improve its infrastructure.

Policy Making

Collaborate with specialized units to form decisions and rules to the benefit of city general public.

Future Development

Communicate with other Libyan cities and collaborate with them and close the gab and rebuild the social bonds, and work together.

GTUC Charter

Due to the current critical circumstances in this sensitive period of Libyan national history, and the political conflict and external interference that emerged in the Libyan affairs, which fueled the political dispute and made it into armed conflict, and because we believe in the importance of the agreement on a national project that lead to national harmony and protect Libyan sovereignty, unity, and independence of will, and within the Islamic frame as the main reference, a group of national citizens gathered and pledge to the following:

1- Islam is the national religion of Libya.

2- Libya is an independent, free, and sovereign state.

3- Libya is a civil state where authority is deliberated peacefully.

4- Endorsement of a constitution which protects rights and states obligations.

5- Confirmation of the judicial power independence, and confirm adherence and respect to it.

6- Reliance on wise ruling, which guarantees power isolation and distribution to manage the state affairs.

7- Libyan identity is the unifying factor to all social aspects, and all the rich historical, civil, linguistic, and social legacy shared by all Libyans.

8- Libyan state is based on citizenship and the values of brotherhood, tolerance, acknowledgement and acceptance of others.

9- Social interest, harmony, and national unity among Libyans, where the state guarantees reparation and guarantees no rights fulfillment outside the law.

10- Protection of Libyan state resources and its national and development capabilities, and the fair distribution without discrimination or dominance.

11- Criminalization of public and private properties assault and all forms of financial and management corruption, and legal pursuance of perpetrators.

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