Greater Tripoli Union Council

Towards Permanent, Just, and Inclusive Peace
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GTUC 8th Declaration:

On the appeal of the members of Parliament to the meeting

Allah the Almighty said (Say: Do, so Allah will see your work, His Messenger and the believers).

In light of the presence of a threat that threatens the unity, security, and stability of the Libyan state, the Greater Tripoli Union Council calls on all members of the House of Representatives to reject differences, unify their positions and views, and work urgently to join sessions in order to carry out their responsibilities before the Libyan people as the authority Legislative elected by the people and the pursuit of effective solutions that support the legitimacy of state institutions in accordance with local and international laws and legislations. The Council also affirms its full readiness to sponsor the initial meeting and reconcile all capabilities for the success of this meeting to bring Libya to a comprehensive, just and lasting peace.

We are all hopeful that this appeal will find acceptance from the parliamentarians in loyalty to the homeland and a sense of the historic responsibility on their shoulders to save the country. This step will find appreciation and pride from the people of the country.

May God protect Libya

GTUC declaration

Thanks to the almighty Allah

Thanks to all the men who sacrifices everything on all fronts, and may Allah mercy and reward all the martyrs.

We hope fast and full recovery to the wounded, and may Allah give them strength and patience to overcome their pain and suffering.

Thanks to all Libyans, who believed in the right principles and values.

The victory today against the invaders is the victory of all Libyans.

May Allah the almighty protect Libya. Amen.

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What we do at GTUC

We aim to create a brighter future for the Libyan people


Health Care

Everyone deserves a better health care

We believe every one in Libya deserve the best health care possible. We put our efforts towards the establishment and enforcement of health care polices and regulations for that purpose. Moreover, we work tirelessly to resource required funds and assets from public and private sectors.


Education is Future

Bright future relies on good education

It is undeniable that education helps to shape a better future for any nation. The history is full of such examples, from the Islamic empire golden age till the recent history. We work to guarantee a better education for future and current generations.


Community Engagement

We rely mostly on community to serve community

One of our strengths is relying on community in delivering our services. Besides, we continue to collaborate with community members to increase public awareness and social responsibility among all of us. At the end, our country and resources are our responsibility.


Social Care

Social care is our duty and tradition

Libya is transforming to a new era, and this brings new challenges to all of us. Social care and development guarantees that our nation stay robust and confirms our traditions. With your help, we can overcome all social challenges.

GTUC Activities

What we have been doing in the past few months

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